What is Enlightenment?

Coming to recognize (and deeply understand) the body and brain as temporary vehicles rather than one’s core identity is fundamental to any form of what has been referred to as spiritual enlightenment.  Looking inward (with or without the assistance of numerous existing tools) rather than looking outward for meaning and answers is also paramount.  An active vs. passive process--and charting and navigating one’s own journey give rise to “knowing” or “experiencing” vs. “believing” these fundamentals—and allow higher understanding, uncommon creativity, and greater effectiveness, happiness and fulfillment to unfold.

From the time humans are born on this planet, they are taught to look outward and look to various institutions for meaning and for answers—academic institutions, economic institutions, political institutions, social institutions, religious institutions, etc.  In reality, we need to look inward for answers.  Everything that is needed is inward, including the highest intelligence, which is contained within one’s individual consciousness and within each of the approximately 100 trillion cells in one’s body.

David O. Wiebers, M.D.

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Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

-Carl Jung