David Wiebers, M.D.

Dr. Wiebers is Emeritus Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  During his career at Mayo, he became nationally and internationally recognized as a leading clinician, teacher, clinical researcher and administrator.  He served as Professor of Neurology, Consultant in Neurology and Clinical Epidemiology, and Neurology Division Head, during which time Mayo Clinic Neurology was ranked #1 in the United States by U.S. News and World Report 19 of the 20 years since the ranking had existed. He has been a visiting professor at 77 academic medical centers in 17 countries and has authored more than 340 scientific publications, 5 medical textbooks and 3 books for the general public.  His books have included Handbook of Stroke which has been the best-selling stroke text worldwide, published in 8 languages, and Stroke-Free for Life, a book for the general public which rose to #12 on Amazon’s best seller list.  He has led multiple large NIH funded international research efforts as well as a host of precedent-setting projects involving medical practice, teaching, and epidemiological research in several countries.  He is widely considered to be a leading international authority on intracranial aneurysms, stroke epidemiology, and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of stroke.  He has been the recipient of 22 international and 55 U.S. awards for scientific and medical achievement and he received the Distinguished Career Award from Mayo Foundation.  He is referenced in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

From 2007-2010, he served as Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Preventive Medicine, LLC, a healthcare informatics company dedicated to maximizing each person’s potential to achieve optimal health and wellbeing as a part of everyday life.  In this capacity, Dr. Wiebers and numerous colleagues designed and developed a new, scientifically-based Lifestyle/Health Behavior Change Model, which incorporates positive psychology and human resilience principles to assist people in implementing and sustaining lifestyle behavior changes.

In 2012, in conjunction with the publication of the book Theory of Reality, Dr. Wiebers and colleagues founded TOR Group, LLC and TOR Foundation to provide education to the general public, scientific and medical communities to change human thought around the nature of consciousness and the nature of reality, and to empower people with new knowledge and practical tools that deepen their understanding of their conscious selves, their journey and their place in the universe.  TOR Group and TOR Foundation strive to serve the greater good of individuals and society throughout the world by advancing the kinds of research, education and service that support people’s efforts to discover their essential selves and to advance their learning, creativity and human development.  Dr. Wiebers serves and Chairman and CEO of both entities.

Dr. Wiebers has also served on the Boards of eight national and international charitable organizations including serving for nine years as Chair of the Board of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the largest animal protection organization in the world.  During his tenure as Chair (1999-2008) he led the organization across 2 CEOs and numerous major changes in structure and leadership through a period of unprecedented growth including an expansion of its membership/constituent base from 1.5 million to over 10 million and a tripling of its assets making it one of the fastest growing charities of any kind in North America.  He also oversaw and helped orchestrate numerous major mergers and acquisitions during his tenure, and helped create a new and highly effective 501(c)(4)  entity, The Humane Society Legislative Fund, eleven years ago, which he continues to chair.  In 2012, he was the recipient of the Joseph Wood Krutch Medal, the HSUS’s highest honor.