Science and Spirituality


Science meeting spirituality is key and something that is long overdue.  The science behind various types of Expanded-Reality Experiences and Peak Experiences allows a quantum leap in human understanding of ourselves and our universe.  Science and spirituality can combine (rather than conflict) to open new vistas (and provide self-actualization resulting in enhanced/optimal brain and neurologic function).  Neuroscience meeting physics to expand and enhance each other is also key.  Both neuroscience and physics need to evolve into the 21st century and beyond.  They are both slowed by the inertia of outdated and limited concepts and paradigms.  Until these disciplines incorporate what are now thought of as largely spiritual and metaphysical dimensions, our models will only be able to account for the most materialistic and mundane aspects of our existence and will miss many of the most important aspects of life and existence.

David Wiebers, M.D.