David O Wiebers Delivers Special Lecture on Theory of Reality at MU

MANGALURU: Mangalore University (MU) organized a special lecture on theory of reality at Mangala auditorium, Mangalagangothri on Saturday. Delivering the lecture, David O Wiebers, Emeritus Professor of Neurology, MAYO Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA said theory of reality is comprehensive new theory regarding nature of consciousness and nature of universe. David also explained the state of consciousness through working of brain. 

A Propensity to Care

A discussion with Dr. David Wiebers, prominent neurologist, chair of the board of HSLF and former chair of the board of the HSUS. 

What first inspired you to work as an animal advocate?

Although I’ve always had a propensity to care about nonhuman beings, I received an important lesson from a companion animal mouse named Larry as I was going through my neurological training in Rochester, Minnesota. Upon getting to know him very well and interacting with him closely, it became clear to me that he had a very well developed personality and that his sentience and neurological function were of the same fabric as that of a human. It became clear that these aspects also applied to all other sentient beings.